Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers

Well, I’m almost through my third month of blogging and have already surpassed my income from month two!  I am just so excited to be able to share my success with other new bloggers to not only give them hope and inspiration but to also show them exactly HOW I’ve been successful!  There are so many affiliate programs for bloggers that it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to get started with.   So, I’ve decided to do a roundup post on the best affiliate programs for new bloggers that I’ve used in these first few of months that have actually brought me results.


Please note this post may contain affiliate links and ads (which help keep the blog running), read my full disclosure here.


As I mentioned, there are so many affiliate programs out there and it can be overwhelming trying to see which ones to try.  I signed up for so many during my first month that I literally forgot about some of them!  My fault, though, because I try to do it all at once.  Still, I did make money in my first month. You read more about my success in My First Blog Income Report and My Second Month Blog Income Report.  By my second month, I had gone through to see what was working and what wasn’t and tamed it down a bit.  I also read a lot of other blogger’s income reports to see how they were managing.  It is SO important to learn from other bloggers!  Don’t re-invent the wheel – learn from their mistakes and their success!
I’ll quickly mention Amazon Affiliates but won’t go into much detail.  They are great when you are getting started but they typically won’t approve a brand new blog so you’ll need to wait a few months before applying.

How to become an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is easy!
  1. You must have a blog/website to be approved for most of the programs
  2. Sign up for Share A Sale because many of these affiliate programs are managed through Share A Sale and you must have an account to sign up for their affiliates (and they also have their own affiliate program!
  3. Sign up for SendOwl because a couple of the ones listed below are managed through SendOwl and you must be signed up to register with the affiliate (and they also have their own affiliate program!)
  4. Apply to the programs using my referral links throughout this post!

Share A Sale




Ultimate Bundles


Restored 316

Ivory Mix

Social Warfare


Optin Monster

Pinterest Ninja (via Sendowl)


Ultimate Bundles



Services I Actually Use

Many of the plugins in and services (such as hosting and email) that you use for your blog also have affiliate programs.  These are some of the first you should sign up for since you can give actual opinions on the product that you are using.  This is important when trying to make an affiliate sale because people like to know you have actually tried the product you are trying to sell them!  Also, since these are all programs associated with running your blog, they are perfect for any niche.  Even if you are a fashion blogger, you can still write a post or two on How to Start A Blog for any of your followers that may want to also begin down the blogging path.  Even if you don’t actually use these products (but you should and you can sign up right now!), you can still apply for their affiliate programs.


I use SiteGround as my web-hosting service.  There are many others out there but I’ve had nothing but great service from them.  If you aren’t using them and are looking for a web-hosting service for your new blog, you can read about why I like them so much: Why SiteGround is the Best, and then sign up with them here.  Oh, and if you use Ebates (which you should be using) you can get $10 off your purchase!  Not using Ebates?  No worries!  You can sign up right here!

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is AWESOME!  They have bundles that you can market in just about all blog niches.  They have a few bundles that are only available once a year for a few days, but the rest are available year-round.  If you are new to blogging, this is an excellent way to start bringing in some commissions by promoting them.  AND, affiliates get a huge discount on their own bundle purchases!  Get signed up now with Ultimate Bundles and start earning!

Make Your Blog Look Good

Grammarly is an awesome FREE tool that every blogger should be using!  My kids even use it on their computers.  You always want to create content that is error-free and Grammarly is perfect.  You simply download the extension to your browser and it tells you anytime you have a misspelled word, use a word in the wrong context, or can’t figure out those darn apostrophe words like it/it’s!  Download Grammarly right here so you are ready to go on your next blog post (or even school paper!).  As for its affiliate success, it’s not a HUGE earner, but so many people will download it and that can add up.  It’s important to focus on just the high payout affiliates when you are just getting started because every little amount adds up quick!

If you are going for a “feminine” them for your blog, you definitely want to check out Restored 316!  My Girl Bosses Rock blog uses the Darling Theme and I absolutely LOVE it!  Their themes are Genesis platform so you will also need to purchase and install that tool, but you won’t be disappointed.  My GBR blog is all about Girl Bosses and their themes are perfect for it!  And they have an amazing affiliate program. They are part of the Share A Sale affiliate program which I will list further down the list but you can sign up now because many of my affiliate programs go through Share A Sale so you can save a step by signing up now!  Once you are all signed up, you can then get in on Restored 316’s affiliate program here by Checking them out here!

I absolutely LOVE Ivory Mix!  They have beautiful feminine stock photos to use on your blog and social media posts!  They also have a great affiliate program.  Get signed up with Ivory Mix now and start making your blog look great AND recommend them to others!

This plugin is a MUST HAVE for your blog and also a great affiliate program to join!  If you aren’t familiar with them, this is the plugin used to add “click to tweet” to your blog posts, as well as adding the different platforms for sharing.  Very easy to use, and great affiliate commissions.  Get Social Warfare for your blog and sign up for their affiliate program!


If you haven’t realized the importance of a subscriber list and email marketing, you are really missing out!  These are the programs that I use that also have great affiliate programs you should sign up for!
I use MailerLite as my email service.  I found it much easier to use and navigate vs MailChimp and some of the others.  If you don’t have an email service for your blog just yet, sign up for MailerLite right now!  It’s free to sign up and remains free until you reach 1000 subscribers.  As an affiliate for them, you’ll earn bonuses to use towards your own paid membership once you exceed 1000.  This is a WIN because basically, the more referrals you make, your paid subscription can be absolutely free!  Get signed up now!

I’m sure you’ve noticed the “subscribe to my blog” and subscription boxes either on my sidebars or within the content of a post.  These are created using the Optin Monster plugin.  It integrates perfectly with MailerLite and you can design it with colors/theme to match your blog.  Having these opt-in abilities is a MUST for increasing your blog traffic and subscribers.  And their affiliate program (also managed through Share a Sale) is awesome!  Get signed up with OptinMonster now!


Aside from the programs already mentioned that I actually USE for my blog, there are several other awesome affiliate programs for new bloggers that I’ve been using during these first few months that have actually yielded results.  In my opinion, these are some of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers who are just getting started.

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As a blogger or anyone who sells products, you absolutely need to be using Pinterest!  Not sure how to use it or make it really work for you?  Pinterest Ninja is an E-book that I bought during my first month of blogging and am so glad I did!  If you read my blog income reports, you can totally see where my Pinterest strategy started working. I know there are tons of books and training out there that others are selling but I credit my Pinterest success to Pinterest Ninja!  You can get yours right here so you can also recommend it to others and earn a commission on every sale!

As with most bloggers, time is a luxury that most of us don’t have enough of.  It is so important to have a great scheduling tool or using Pinterest and other social media like Instagram can suck up all of your time.  Tailwind is awesome because you can schedule your pins out as far as needed (especially important if you want to ever take a vacation!).  They also have Tribes, which are like group boards in which other members share your content.  The more sharing, the better chances of you making affiliate sales!  They also have a great affiliate program for referring new sign-ups!  It is free to join and remains free until you have pinned 1000 pins.  Sign up here for FREE with my referral link and get a $15 credit for when you upgrade to a paid subscription.


Influencer agencies are companies that connect brands with bloggers.  You do need significant traffic to your blog to be approved for these and also have a social media presence.  But I do mention them because I managed to pull in over 3000 page views by my second month so it is possible.  You basically get paid to promote brand content on your different social media platforms and also doing sponsored posts for brands on the blog.
Izea is a network for influencers to work with brands to make money from sponsored blog and Instagram posts. You will get paid by leading brands and agencies to produce and share sponsored content with your social media followers.  Izea is invite-only.  You can join right now with my invitation!

Linquia is another influencer agency. Bloggers can use this network to partner up with brands for sponsorships and get paid to write sponsored posts. They accept bloggers who have 2,500+ monthly visitors or followers. It is invite-only and you can join with my invitation right here!

Tell me what you think!

  1. This list is so helpful! I wasn’t familiar with some of these so, thank you! I use a Restored 316 theme as well and I have loved working with them but didn’t realize they have an affiliate program.
  2. These are really helpful, and gave me some new ones to check out. I definitely need to check out Optin Monster for my page too!
    • With Amazon, it can take some time to see any income. There are some really great courses that show how to increase the chances of links converting. I’m not earning a ton, but have about $8 this months
  3. Thanks for the invite links! I’m going to wait a few more months until I am 90% happy with my blog before reaching out, but I will bookmark this page!