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1) With extensive experience in both development and investment, Full Circle Housing knows how to find the right properties and acquire them at least 40 percent less than the fair market value. From there, we capitalize on the free equity to get a better deal. Click here to learn how to become a joint venture partner, PML or an accredited investor with Full Circle Housing. 2) With the alternative loan specialists at Full Circle Housing, you can get the alternative loans you need for any sort of property type. Full Circle Housing looks at the merits of each of your requests for a loan instead of your credit history to get you approved for loans around the clock. Click here to learn more and apply today. 3) No matter what you are hoping to learn about selling, foreclosing, borrowing or trading mortgages and houses, the books that are being offered by Full Circle Housing can help you get started. These books span a wide range of topics and are available for purchase by following this link. 4) Full Circle Housing provides you with everything you need to sell your house, no matter the location or the condition of the home. This company also offers property management, full-service home repairs and real estate listings for you to choose from. Click here to learn more. 5) Get your own C-1 zoned commercial lot through Full Circle Housing. These lots are low in price and come ready to build, surveyed and staked. At closing, you will be given the title insurance and warranty deed straight away. These lots are ideal for over 150 uses, so click here to learn more today. 6) If you are ready to get financing in order to invest in your properties, Full Circle Housing can help. This company works with Direx Capital to help bring their customers the most competitive loans in the industry. These loans span a number of uses and require no minimum FICO score. Click here to learn more and apply. 7)  At Full Circle Auto LLC, you can get your hands on a new car for a lower price than ever before. Full Circle Auto LLC sets their customers up for success by giving them the opportunity to acquire the right car from them no matter what their needs are. Check out this link to learn more. 8) Get proof that the car you are considering will run as well as Full Circle Auto LLC says it will thanks to their use of an ASE-Certified Mechanic. Available for trade or purchase, the cars being offered feature under 140,000 miles and have no gauge lights on to speak of. Check out this link to learn more. 9) At only 213,000 miles, the 2008 Pontiac G6 being offered by Full Circle Auto is a steal. This car drives well and runs great and can be acquired with just a quick phone call to Full Circle Auto. If you want to learn more, just click this link. 10) Having spent a few years studying banking and financing at the East Mississippi Community College, Alphonso Hayden is a business entrepreneur that can close the deal on your next car or house. He runs both Full Circle Auto and Full Circle Housing. Check out his LinkedIn to learn more. 11) Lima One Capital LLC is one of the top lenders in the country for those who are interested in real estate loans and investments. Applying for a loan takes only a few minutes of your time and can set you up for the investment of your dreams. Click here to apply today. 12) Get connected with Al Hayden when you are ready to invest in your new piece of real estate. With education in both banking and finance, Al Hayden possesses the tools you need to make the most out of your investment. Check out his Google+ account and get connected today. 13) Add me on Snapchat! Username: ceo_alphonso When you want to see what deals await you at a moment's notice, there is no better tool than Snapchat. Add Alphonso Hayden to Snapchat today at ceo_alphonso or click this link to add him. You can learn about the hottest new deals as soon as they arrive. 14) Full Circle Housing LLC is a full service real estate investment company that can help you invest in the property or the house of your dreams. Whether you want to invest in residential property, commercial property or both, Full Circle Housing LLC can help. Click this link to learn more. 15) Stay in the know about what real estate investment opportunities are available for you by connecting with Alphonso Hayden of Full Circle Housing LLC on Twitter. Follow him for all of the latest news and information regarding investing and buying by clicking on the link found here. 16) If you are ready to sell your SFH performing note for cash or are just interested in getting a quote, you can do that with the help of Alphonso Hayden. There are a few questions to be answered during a phone interview, so get in touch using the link found here. 17) Get ready to buy more investment properties reliably and easily with the help of Alphonso Hayden of Full Circle Housing LLC. Here, you will be able to get a quote for your next real estate investment or get funding through Full Circle Housing when you click on the link found here. 18) Every griller and pit master needs their own mobile barbecue pit, and when you go though Alphonso Hayden, you can get yours and get it set up professionally and immediately right away. Get the initial setup for free and start making more money today by clicking on this link. 19) If you are interested in joint venture funding and are curious about a one to two year PML opportunity, Alphonso Hayden of Full Circle Housing LLC can help get you started. Partner up with him and start making greater passive income when you go to the link found here. 20) A licensed dealer in Mississippi, Alphonso Hayden can help you connect with buyers and sellers to acquire or sell any car. Get a quote on any car and find the right vehicle for your needs. Go through Alphonso Hayden today and click on this link to learn more information.

Developing Relationships With Lenders

Click Here! One of the most important components of getting started in the mortgage broker business is developing relationships with lenders. To become successful and offer the best possible service to borrowers, the mortgage broker must work with many mortgage lenders. If the mortgage broker has good relationships with underwriterst and processors that work for the lenders, his job can be much easier. The lender/mortgage broker relationship is mutually beneficial. The mortgage broker gets paid when loans close. The more loans that close, the more money the broker makes. To close more loans, the broker needs lenders or access to other lead generating tools at their disposal. The more lenders the mortgage broker can cultivate relationships with, the more programs and choices he is able to offer his clients. The lender’s benefit from the relationship as well, as they have a product to sell. To attract borrowers, the lender has to spend money on advertising and marketing. A broker makes the job of the lender much easier. He brings borrowers to the lender. Since the mortgage broker spent his own money to find his client, the lender has saved both time and money. This relationship is so profitable that mortgage lenders have departmentsdedicated to working directly with mortgage brokers. This department offers mortgages at wholesale rates that offer better deals than customers get when they contact the lender directly. This results in a lower interest rate for the borrower. There are two basic ways to get started in the mortgage broker business. You can work for a company or start your own firm. There are benefits and drawbacks to both options. These will be covered in the next topic. Click on link below for more Real Estate related topics...

If You Mess This Up, Your Next Flip Will Probably Flop!!!

If You Mess This Up, Your Next Flip Will Probably Flop by Christopher Gill | Click Here! Have you ever walked into a house and something just felt off? No, I’m not talking about ghosts or the next haunted-house horror movie. If this happens, chances are it’s because the floorplan wasn’t well designed. I’ve seen this “cardinal sin” of real estate development committed on every level of house, from rehabs to old and new construction alike; people don’t spend enough time designing floorplans. Everyone loves to pick tile, paint colors, and cabinet finishes, but if the floorplan doesn’t make sense, the house won’t sell (and if it eventually does, it will be at a huge discount). What can you do to ensure this mistake doesn’t haunt your next rehab? Related: Expert Tips and Tricks for Successfully Flipping Houses Here are a few tips from someone who’s taken some of the worst-designed floor plans and years of poor planning and created spaces people love living in: Ensure the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are correct for the size and location of your project If you don’t get this right, you’re headed for immediate failure. The typical home in the United States today is a 3/2. If you rehab an older home, chances are it won’t have enough bathrooms. The extra expense and time is completely worth it. In all MLS systems, people specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they want. If you are outside this criteria, people won’t even see your home. Make sure you’re attracting the maximum number of potential buyers. Get your bed and bath count right! Create usable living spaces This may seem completely obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the numbers of freshly rehabbed homes that have small living spaces chopped up and tucked away from the rest of the house. Today is the age of open living spaces. Formal dining rooms aren’t as popular as they once were, and they probably won’t be used. Give that extra space to a larger, more-flexible living room. If you have to, open up walls and throw in a few beams or columns. Create spaces to entertain in; if the party people like it, chances are the rest of us will to. Design jaw-dropping kitchens & bathrooms These are still the spaces in the home to invest your big dollars. Spend the extra few dollars per foot on the cool backsplash tile. Put glass fronts on your upper cabinets. Design built-in wine storage. Add the vintage lighting. People will absolutely notice. Another thing I’ve started doing is raising the height of my shower fixtures. These are typically installed at a little over 6 feet, but I’ll go to 7.5 feet. I also love sconce lighting in bathrooms. It’s the little tweaks and upgrades that give a space the high-end feel. Install walk-in Closets If you are ever faced with the dilemma of either having a bigger bedroom or a bigger closet, do big closet every time. This gives your buyer the ability to declutter the bedroom with plenty of storage to put their belongings out of sight. Nobody likes small closets. This will be another potential deal breaker if you make the wrong call.

How To Get Started as a Mortgage Broker

Click Here! There are no specific educational requirements to become a mortgage broker. No college or universities offer a degree program specifically for mortgage brokers. Some states require a class be taken prior to the certification exam, but a college degree is not required. Some brokers do have a business or finance degree, but others do not. The benefit of having the degree is mainly for public relations purposes. Clients tend to have more confidence in a professional with a degree, which is a hurdle for new mortgage brokers. Once the broker has established himself in the community and has relationships with mortgage lenders, the degree becomes less important. The broker is able to focus on his success and business reputation and development to acquire new clients, even without a diploma hanging on the wall. Professionals with a college degree tend to earn more money, particularly when they are working for a brokerage firm. With a graduate degree, the earning potential is even higher. Mortgage brokers with a master's in business administration or a master's in finance can earn 15 to 20 percent more than a broker with a bachelor's degree or no degree at all. Some larger firms offer tuition reimbursement that allows brokers to return to school at the company's expense. Formal education is a plus, but more is needed to become a successful mortgage broker. There are certain skills that are needed in this industry that cannot be learned in college. An effective mortgage broker needs to have good people skills, be good at reading people, have the ability to think on his feet, and make adjustments based on the situation. A good broker also needs sales and marketing skills. When a mortgage broker is searching for clients, he is selling himself. Professionals with previous sales and marketing experience often have the skills needed to succeed as a mortgage broker and tend to do well in this field. The mortgage broker industry is regulated on both the state and federal levels. The professional broker must meet the requirements and follow all laws related to the industry. Licensing fees, background investigations, surety bonds, and mortgage classes may be required, depending on the state in which the broker will be licensed If you want to apply for a mortgage of any type click on this link below...